Checklist for Injury Claims Documents

Checklist for Personal Injury Claim Documents

December 11, 2019

Every personal injury case is based on two key factors: liability and financial compensation A personal injury claim requires a variety of documents and/or evidence depending on the nature of the accident, the injuries involved and damage resulting from the incident. Review our checklist of documents that you will need to provide to your personal […]

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The Injury Claim Process in Texas

December 02, 2019

Step One: Medical Treatment & Recovery After the accident has occurred, it’s important to seek immediate medical treatment for your injuries. It’s not only necessary for your overall safety and well-being, but it’s essential to document the nature of your injuries after the accident. If you do not seek immediate medical care, an insurance claims […]

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Everything You Need to Know about Expunging Your Criminal Record

November 08, 2019

What is a Petition for Expungement? A process where a crime is legally erased from an individual’s record.   Who qualifies to have their criminal record expunged?   A criminal charge that was eventually dismissed An arrest for a crime that was never formally charged Some qualifying misdemeanor juvenile offenses Conviction of a minor for […]

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First Time DWI Offenders: An Opportunity for a Second Chance

October 01, 2019

Texas has recently passed a bill that gives first-time DWI offenders a second chance by allowing them the option to have the charge deferred.   What does this mean? If you have been charged with a DWI for the first time on or after September 1, 2019, you are now eligible for deferred probation. After […]

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