School Disciplinary Hearings

February 27, 2022

If your child is facing a school disciplinary hearing, here are a few things you should have so that you are fully prepared. For more information or to request that an attorney represent your child during a school hearing, please call us at 915 225-1555.

Get the Facts:

  • Document your child’s account of what happened.
  • If your child was asked to write or give a statement about the incident at school, make sure you request a copy of it.
  • Request any other evidence, witness statements that the school has pertaining to the incident.

School Records:

  • Make sure you have a copy of your child’s school attendance record and current grades.

Get it in Writing:

  • Save all the communication you receive from the school and all communication you send to the school.
  • If the school calls you on the phone, send them an email with a summary of what was discussed and next steps, so you have a written account of everything.

Know the Rules:

  • Refer to the school and/or school district handbook and ensure the school administration is abiding by their own policies, procedures, and timelines.

Go the Extra Mile:

  • Have your child write a personal statement about how this experience has affected them, what they have learned and their future goals.
  • Gather letters of support from teachers, coaches, and school counselors that will help your child’ case.

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