If you have a loved one who is currently serving a prison sentence in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) – Institutional Division, do not hesitate to contact us for a FREE CONSULTATION regarding the inmate’s eligibility for parole.


The granting of parole is a privilege, not a right. No attorney in the state of Texas can guarantee an inmate’s early release from prison. Even an inmate who is innocent of the charges that put him or her in prison cannot expect a successful appeal that will lead to prison release. The decision to grant an inmate’s request for parole rests solely on the Texas Board of Pardons and Parole.


The parole board takes into consideration many things before ruling on a parole application, such as:


  • the severity of the offense committed
  • the amount of time already served by the inmate
  • the progress made by the inmate while incarcerated (educational programs, counseling and participation in services offered by TDCJ)


At Carmona Lozano Meza Law Firm, we can provide you or your family member with a step-by-step plan that could increase the chances of parole. We will assist the inmate and/or the inmate’s family in preparing a parole packet that could be presented to the parole board. This packet provides the board with significant insight on the self-improvement initiatives the inmate took while incarcerated and a post release plan, which details how the inmate will work to reestablish themselves back into society.


We also have experience representing paroled inmates that are facing parole violations and revocation proceedings. These proceedings are initiated when the State alleges that the parolee has violated the terms and conditions of parole. These inmates need an attorney who understands the parole revocation

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